Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You know. I always thought that I am reasonably intelligent. I am fairly well-read, went to college and can hold my own in a discussion. That being said...I for the life of me cannot understan why I can't seem to follow this stupid, stupid sock monkey hat pattern. Okay, okay. It's not the pattern that's stupid, it's the knitter. The pattern seems to be well-written out and straightforward but for some reason I have messed it up 3 times. I had it almost all finished this morning and sure enough, I had done it all wrong. I guess I must be an idiot savant. (Sure that's it.) But I ripped it out AGAIN and now seem to have it on track. Whew. I just am not going to let the pattern get the better of me.
Well, I'm going to get back to it because I'm going to finish it tonight!

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Irascible Housewife said...

OMG, you poor thing! I hate "cursed projects"!!!