Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yesterday I was making candied lime sweet potatoes(mmmmmm) and using a mandoline to slice the sweet potatoes (I'm sure you know where this is going) and I sliced a lovely chunk out of my pinky finger. OUCH!! Such fun. Not too mention the very nice large bandage that I had to wrap around it to stop the bleeding. At least it's better today.
Not much knitting was done yesterday due to the bandage but today I've gotten more finished. I'm also doing a duplicate stitch sweater for myself. I haven't done any duplicate stitch in an age so it's nice to be doing some.

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Robin said...

OUCH! Sorry about your pinky finger. Glad to have you back, though. I've never heard of candied LIME sweet potatoes. Sounds interesting. I like candied sweet potatoes and I like lime. Do you have a recipe that you could share??