Saturday, October 04, 2008

This is a shot from the park. Went today and just sat and knitted. Ahhhhh. It's been cooler and it's nice to sit and enjoy the weather. Although so dry out that the leaves are just dying and falling off the trees.

This is a close-up of mom's sock. The color is salsa heather and shows the mock-cable pattern beautifully. A few more rows and I am DONE! Whew. I am going to finish up a few things on my needles before I start something else. Yeah,yeah I know but really, I will. I am going to finish my worsted-weight socks (those take no time to knit), sis's sock monkey hat, and the celtic poncho. Yes, the ever elusive celtic poncho. I really am going to finish it this fall.
I'm also duplicate stitching a (....shhhhh, store-bought sweater) that I'm going to try and finish this week. See, the thing about knitting socks (besides having a nifty,new pair of socks) is they are extremely portable and travel well to the park. Or the coffee shop or wherever. And they are so much fun to knit. Although,since it's getting cooler I have an insatiable urge to start a sweater. But I shall resist until some things are finished. Think good,encouraging thoughts!!

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Robin said...

How's your pinky finger?? Salsa Heather -- what an interesting name for a colorway. You're exactly right about socks. They're small and easily portable. Can't wait to see if you give into the sweater itch!!!